Pupils and facilities at Ysgol Morgan Llwyd in Wrexham


The school’s curriculum includes activities and experiences both inside and outside the classroom. We offer a wide, balanced choice of subjects for every pupil whilst ensuring that we comply with the National Curriculum’s statutory requirements. This is a very exciting period of time for us as we prepare to implement the Curriculum for Wales, a curriculum that will strive to ensure that our pupils leave school as ‘ambitious, capable learners’, ‘enterprising, creative contributors’, ‘ethical, informed citizens’ and ‘healthy, confident individuals’.

As a step towards the new Curriculum for Wales and to aid transition from primary to secondary education, in September 2021 we introduced six exciting new projects for our year 7 learners. Each project leans towards the six new Fields of Learning and the main purpose is to develop key skills, from literacy to independent learning; numeracy to problem solving. 

As the pupils move up the school, they have the chance to specialise in areas of their choice whilst also continuing to develop basic skills through the medium of core subjects and the Welsh Baccalaureate. We offer a generous array of GCSE options that suit the needs, ability and interests of our pupils.

The sixth form curriculum focuses on academic, traditional subjects, and gives students the opportunity to specialise further in subjects of their choice. We look forward to expanding our sixth form curriculum further in the near future through online collaboration with other sixth forms through the ‘e-ysgol’ programme.