Pupils and facilities at Ysgol Morgan Llwyd in Wrexham

Pupil Deprivation Grant

2022 – 2023

Outline of Intentions

  1. Part fund Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for pupil wellbeing
  2. Employ full time Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Hub
  3. Employ 2 x Pupil Support Officers
  4. Employ Pupil First Aid and Wellbeing Support Officer
  5. Invest in secure safeguarding reporting software 

Expected Impact

  1. Clear strategic direction for supporting pupils’ wellbeing
  2. Support for pastoral team and senior management with systems, communications, and reporting around pupil wellbeing and attendance
  3. Extra support available for vulnerable pupils with opportunity to discuss pastoral concerns and access support as and when required
  4. Full time on-site high-quality provision for pupils requiring medical / mental health support
  5. Secure recording of all safeguarding issues